Welcome Message

For the Jose Figueres Ferrer Experimental Bilingual High School and “Junta Administrativa del Hospicio de Huérfanos de Cartago”, it is a pleasure to have you as a visitor on this page. Thus, your interest in accessing the information of our Institution forces us to redouble efforts and to respond your expectations in the best way.

Nowadays, students are currently educated for careers that do not exist yet. Therefore, it is imperative to offer the tools to face a constantly changing world in a safe and an effective way. The high school’s vision is to offer to the emerging generation a comprehensive academic base, a broad vision of the world and a moral ideology that will guide and allow our students to give back to the Costa Rican society what they have learned.

Therefore, a comprehensive educational approach is offered to students: spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical.

The experimental bilingual modality offered at the high school is within an environment of learning Christian values, designed to provide families with a strong ally and partner in the formation and education of balanced citizens.

Finally, I want to reiterate my commitment with the high school in order to keep making of our institution an active and safe place as well as the best example of Academic Excellence and Discipline, where healthy relationships are the foundation for comprehensive learning: academic, social, physical, emotional and spiritual. Likewise, at our high school we are here to serve and provide a quality educational service, seeking to fulfill and carry out the vision and mission of the Institution.

MSc. Pablo Peraza Artavia

“Este mundo nos pide exigente,
disciplina, excelencia y valor.
Cultivemos espíritu y mente,
con la Luz del Supremo Creador”

Fragment of the high school’s hymn
Hymn’s music: Profesor Adrián Ortiz Rivera
Hymn’s lyrics: Luis Javier Arias Martínez